California’s Drought: Geology Researchers Investigate How Mega Dry Spells Spark Urban Wildfires

To better understand the impacts of drought and wildfire activity in an urban landscape, Cal State Fullerton geology researchers are developing the first-ever study to reconstruct the fire history for Chino Hills State Park. With California experiencing prolonged dry conditions for the third consecutive year, the parched, hot and windy weather, combined … Read more

Here’s The Latest Data On Climate And Food And It’s Not Good

Challenges abound as industrial agriculture is threatened by access to key resources from water to healthy soils. Asa devastating and historic drought from Illinois to Texas to California grinds on, sophisticated mapping and data projection bring more bad news: Agricultural areas are among the places in the US experiencing the highest temperature increases. “It’s happening … Read more

California’s drought has caused entire towns to sink nearly a foot

The ground is sinking in parts of California as the continued drought strains reservoirs, increasing reliance on the state’s already precarious groundwater reserves depleted by years of well-pumping. In just one year, from October 2020 to September 2021, satellite-based estimates showed entire towns in the Central Valley, including in Kings and Tulare counties, sinking by … Read more

The devastating drought in Western U.S. by the numbers

This article was originally featured on High Country News. Across the West, state leaders are bracing against the long-term impacts of aridification. In late April, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown added four additional counties to the ‘drought emergency’ tally – now, half the state is in a state of emergency. Further south, the Metropolitan Water District … Read more

Sediment is pushing into Lake Powell as the reservoir reaches record-low levels

Lake Powell • As the Colorado River approaches the still waters of Lake Powell, the pace of the current quickens. Chains of standing waves form out of nowhere, grow in size until they are capped with white foam, and then disappear a few minutes later. Giant hunks of mud calve from the banks to form … Read more

The Lyrid meteor shower peaks this week after ‘shooting star’ drought

Skywatchers will finally be able to enjoy the thrill of observing “shooting stars” again this week as the April Lyrids meteor shower arrives after a three-month-long meteor drought. For those who enjoy watching the night sky for the sight of meteors, popularly referred to as “shooting” or “falling” stars, it has been rather quiet these … Read more

Space Station Instrument Provides Newly Detailed Look at Plants’ Drought Resistance

Space Station Instrument Provides Newly Detailed Look at Plants’ Drought Resistance A new instrument on the International Space Station is able to observe minute changes in temperature that signal plants’ reactions to drought. (NASA) A new instrument on the International Space Station is helping scientists understand the inner workings of plant life by showing how … Read more

‘Flash Droughts’ Are Striking Faster as The World Warms, Scientists Warn

Most people have heard of a flash flood. ‘Flash droughts’, on the other hand, aren’t as familiar. Sadly, that may be about to change, as anomalous, sudden drought episodes are speeding up under the warmer conditions of climate change. A new analysis of flash droughts finds that droughts coming on suddenly seem to be striking … Read more