Recent drop in Lake Powell’s storage shows how much space sediment is taking up

The Bureau of Reclamation last week revised its data on the amount of water stored in Lake Powell, with a new, lower tally taking into account a 4% drop in the reservoir’s total available capacity between 1986 and 2018 due to sedimentation. Bureau data on the reservoir’s water-storage volume showed a loss of 443,000 acre-feet … Read more

LILLEY: Trudeau acts on his own political science to drop restrictions

Breadcrumb Trail Links Columnists Canada Trudeau has not wanted to get rid of a valuable political tool. Publishing date: Jun 14, 2022 • 2 hours ago • 3 minute read • 50 Comments Passengers go through the Customs process at Pearson airport’s Terminal One on May 25, 2022. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto Sun. Article … Read more

Every Drop Counts: What does the recent groundwater study tell us?

By Marne Hayes EBS COLUMNIST The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology recently released findings from a study that shed light on threats to Big Sky’s groundwater and identified its direct connection with the Middle Fork of the Gallatin River. The study, titled “Hydrogeology and Groundwater Availability at Big Sky, Montana” by hydrogeologist James Rose … Read more

Algorithm Predicts Which Students Will Drop Out of Math Courses

Researchers have created an algorithm that can predict on average eight weeks in advance whether students will terminate their studies. Social science researchers at the University of Tübingen develops a statistical method for separating different levels of influence. In the subjects of science and technology, engineering, and mathematics – known collectively as STEM subjects – … Read more

Sluggish spreading rates could mean a drop in greenhouse gas emissions from volcanoes — ScienceDaily

A new global analysis of the last 19 million years of seafloor spreading rates found they have been slowing down. Geologists want to know why the seafloor is getting sluggish. New oceanic crust forms continuously along rifts thousands of miles long on the seafloor, driven by plate tectonics. As subduction pulls old crust down, rifts … Read more

First large-scale study of COVID-era birth data finds significant drop in cesarian, induced deliveries – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Premature births from cesarian (C-sections) and induced deliveries fell by 6.5% during the first month of the Covid-19 pandemic and remained consistently lower throughout – a likely result of fewer prenatal visits due to efforts to slow the spread of the virus, according to new research from Georgia Tech’s School of Economics. Premature births from … Read more

New research in JNCCN measures drop in cancer detection due to the COVID-19 pandemic – BIOENGINEER.ORG

PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA [March 14, 2022] – Research in the March 2022 issue of JNCCN — Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network examined data from the Ontario Cancer Registry from September 25, 2016 through September 26, 2020, to determine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the number of new cancer cases detected. They … Read more

Sharp drop in flower abundance caused by climate crisis will leave pollinators searching further for food – BIOENGINEER.ORG

It is predicted that global average temperatures will have risen by between 0.9 and 2.0 aroundC around the middle of this century, according to the IPCC’s intermediate emission scenario RCP4.5. As a result, many species, especially specialists with highly specific requirements for food, habitat, and reproduction, will not be able to adapt. It is predicted … Read more

Smartphone app can vibrate a single drop of blood to determine how well it clots – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Blood clots form naturally as a way to stop bleeding when someone is injured. But blood clots in patients with medical issues, such as mechanical heart valves or other heart conditions, can lead to a stroke or heart attack. That’s why millions of Americans take blood-thinning medications, such as warfarin, that make it harder for … Read more