Hawaiian Drama Over ‘Yellow Brick Road’ Geology and Atlantis!

Deep sea scientists have released a video showing a ‘bizarre’ geological formation that they have already named the Yellow Brick Road. However, the section of seabed making the headlines is nowhere near as strange as the ‘Devil´s piles’ the researchers skipped over. An oceanic expedition examining a deep sea ridge to the north of the … Read more

‘After Yang’ is an invigorating take on a  science-fiction family drama – Massachusetts Daily Collegian

The remarkably underrated film cuts no corners “After Yang” is a touching and unique family drama woven in a science-fiction narrative. Directed by South Korean-both filmmaker Kogonada, the film was included within the Un Certain Regard category at Cannes last year, and is now on Showtime. The film plays with a lot of interesting ideas, … Read more

Woman Causes Family Drama For Wanting Step-Dad To Walk Her Down The Aisle

A 27-year-old woman is going through a familial dispute ahead of her upcoming wedding and wants the internet’s advice on what to do. A split between her and her siblings and their biological father has caused extended family members to get involved and call the bride to be an “a – hole,” but is she … Read more

1 ‘Oppenheimer’ Star Refused Science Lessons While Preparing for the Atom Bomb Drama

In Christopher Nolan’s upcoming J. Robert Oppenheimer biopic, Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy steps into the role of the titular theoretical physicist. And while Oppenheimer’s world-changing scientific work is at the center of the movie’s story, Murphy admitted he isn’t taking any science lessons to prepare for the part. ‘Oppenheimer’ tells the story of the father of … Read more

When his heart failed, ‘Monk’ actor Jason Gray-Stanford lived his own drama

Credit: Anthony Mongiello. In his decades as an actor, Jason Gray-Stanford has appeared in a few medical dramas, often as a patient. And in his best-known role, as Lt. Randy Disher on “Monk,” he faced all kinds of cases that defied easy explanation. But the real-life drama of getting so sick that he needed a … Read more

‘Star Trek: Picard’ audio drama ‘No Man’s Land’ unites Michelle Hurd and Jeri Ryan

Original full-cast audio dramas harkening back to the golden age of radio are all the rage these days, with impressive productions being mounted for our favorite geek franchises like “Harry Potter,” “Star Wars,” and “Star Trek.” With the second season of “Star Trek: Picard” now slated to premiere on March 3 on Paramount Plus, an … Read more