Domestic chickens’ origin story may have begun about 3,500 years ago

It turns out that chicken and rice may have always gone together, from the birds’ initial domestication to tonight’s dinner. In two new studies, scientists lay out a potential story of chicken’s origins. This poultry tale begins surprisingly recently in rice fields planted by Southeast Asian farmers around 3,500 years ago, zooarchaeologist Joris Peters and … Read more

How the Johnny Depp case took over the internet, and what this could mean for victims of domestic violence

Left to right: Mary Landergan, professor at the school of law, Laurel Leff, professor of journalism and Margo Lindauer, director of the Domestic Violence Institute at Northeastern’s School of Law. Credit: Matthew Modoono and Ruby Wallau. Testimony in the six-week Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard defamation trial comes to a close on Friday. The actors … Read more

Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Geology and Geophysics

1. Background a. This Scholarship has been established to provide financial assistance to a PhD student who is undertaking research in the mechanical and seismic structure of the southeast Australian mantle using constraints from mantle xenoliths. b. This Scholarship is funded by ARC Discovery Project Mapping mineral systems of deep Australia. c. This project will … Read more

Inside the Hunt for Domestic Supply of Rare Earth Minerals

A mineral exploration company may have found the largest reserves of rare earth elements in the US. Demand for clean energy minerals is projected to increase by up to 600% in the coming decades. The discovery comes at a time when political pressure is building to increase domestic supply. Loading Something is loading. In the … Read more

We Finally Know Where Dingos Sit in Dogs’ Evolutionary Family Tree

Many people know modern dogs evolved from the gray wolf. But did you know most of the more than 340 modern dog breeds we have today only emerged within the past 200 years? Dogs were first domesticated during the Neolithic period between 29,000 and 14,000 years ago, and have been closely linked to humans ever … Read more

Scientists find dingoes genetically different from domestic dogs after decoding genome | Wildlife

Dingoes are genetically distinct from domestic dogs and their evolution has been shaped by Australia’s environment, scientists who have fully decoded the dingo genome have said. An international team of researchers have analyzed the genetic makeup of a pure desert dingo called Sandy Maliki, finding that dingoes are an intermediary between wolves and domestic dog … Read more

How did visitors experience the domestic space in Pompeii? – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have used virtual reality and 3D eye-tracking technology to examine what drew the attention of visitors when entering the stunning environment of an ancient Roman house. The team recreated the House of Greek Epigrams in 3D and tracked the gaze of study participants as they viewed the home. Researchers … Read more

A Cat in Pennsylvania Caught The Delta Variant. But It’s Not All Bad News

SARS-CoV-2 is not picky about its host. Since the virus first started spreading among humans, it has jumped from our species to pets, livestock, and even wild animals. Cats appear to be particularly susceptible to contracting COVID, although they often do not show symptoms, and it is unlikely that they can pass the virus back … Read more

Study Confirms Suspicions That Cat Brains Are Smaller Than They Used to Be

As cats have become domesticated over the last 10,000 years or so, their brains have shrunk significantly in size, a new study confirms – a finding that could lead to important new insights into how animals adapt when they start being regularly kept by human beings. Researchers compared the size of craniums (an indicator of … Read more