Hypersonic missile defense program moves toward 2 prototypes

The Department of Defense’s Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has selected Northrop Grumman and Raytheon Missiles and Defense to continue developing prototypes of a Glide Phase Interceptor (GPI), a planned next-generation countermeasure to defend against hypersonic weapons. While there are several different classes of hypersonic weapons that differ significantly, hypersonic weapons are typically defined as those … Read more

Infamous asteroid Apophis ‘rediscovered’ as scientists test asteroid defense mechanisms

An artist’s impression of a potentially hazardous asteroid passing close to Earth. (Image credit: Juan Gartner via Getty Images) A test of whether asteroid defense systems could spot a potentially hazardous near-Earth asteroid on its closest approach successfully “rediscovered” the infamous asteroid 99942 Apophis, which will make a close encounter with our planet in 2029. … Read more

Planetary Defense Exercise Uses Apophis as Hazardous Asteroid Stand-In

If a large asteroid struck the Earth, it could have devastating consequences. Over 100 participants from 18 countries – including[{” attribute=””>NASA scientists and the agency’s NEOWISE mission – took part in the international exercise. We know that asteroids have struck the Earth in the past with devastating consequences, such as the asteroid 66 million years … Read more

In Defense of Bread – The “Staff of Life” Throughout History

Bread, that simple “staff of life,” has gotten a bad reputation in recent years, mainly from those who advocate low-carb or gluten-free diets. However, foregoing bread at meals can be a difficult prospect, as virtually every nation and every culture on the planet has incorporated some type of bread into their foods. You can not … Read more

Plankton Wars and Planetary Defense Take Best Project Awards at This Year’s Canada-Wide Science Fair

FREDERICTON, New Brunswick – (BUSINESS WIRE) – This week, 371 young scientists, engineers, and innovators competed at the 60th annual Canada-Wide Science Fair hosted virtually in Fredericton, New Brunswick, with seven students winning the best project and platinum awards. During Thursday evening’s awards ceremony, a total of 201 students, representing 188 award-winning projects, were presented … Read more

Structure of “Gliding Bird” Plant Defense Protein Could Lead to Better Crops

Researchers used two imaging and crystallography techniques to uncover the structure of a key plant defense protein called NPR1, which resembles “a gliding bird.” Credit: Xinnian Dong / HHMI / Duke University Biologist Xinnian Dong says her “best Christmas gift ever” arrived in the form of a phone call. The call was from her longtime … Read more

Secret US Defense Program Proposed Nuking The Moon, Documents Reveal

The US Order now-defunct Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) spent millions of taxpayer dollars to research bizarre, experimental technologies such as invisibility cloaks, antigravity devices, traversable wormholes, and a proposal to tunnel through the Moon with nuclear explosives, according to dozens of documents obtained by Vice.com. The documents, which include nearly 1,600 pages of … Read more

In defense of the political science major – The GW Hatchet

One year into my political science major at GW, I started to wonder if it was for me. I found the coursework interesting yet impractical – heavy on theory, light on real-world usefulness. Most class discussions ended up getting derailed by the news of the day, with the topic veering from democratic backsliding to the … Read more

US Space Force Releases Decades of “Fireballs” Data to NASA for Planetary Defense Studies

This photograph taken by an International Space Station astronaut shows a bright meteor from the Perseid meteor shower in Earth’s atmosphere. The brightest meteors are known as fireballs, or bolides. Credit: NASA Hosted by[{” attribute=””>JPL’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies, the data can be used by the science community to better understand how asteroids … Read more

BlueHalo’s State-of-the-Art Technology Complex Moves to Sandia Science & Technology Park

BlueHalo is committed to investing in New Mexico as well as sustaining and creating high-wage manufacturing jobs. Selecting an existing location with the necessary infrastructure in place, allows the company to expand while also meeting a move-in schedule that enables on-target product deliveries to key customers in New Mexico and around the nation. “Throughout my … Read more