MLOps: The New Role in Data Science

Machine learning operations (MLOps) analysts have burst onto the scene as demand has grown among businesses for consistent, reliable insights in-house. We speak to Monika Rzepecka, MLOps analyst at the market, consumer, and brand intelligence agency, GfK, to hear what the role involves and what it delivers, strategically. What can the MLOps role involve? MLOps … Read more

UChicago Hosts Quantum and Data Science Workshop in London

June 28, 2022 – Leaders in quantum science, economics, defense, and data science from the United States and the United Kingdom met this week in London for a Quantum and Data Science Workshop hosted by the University of Chicago. The two-day conference gathered key representatives from both countries to forge new alliances and strengthen existing … Read more

Volunteer ‘community scientists’ do a pretty darn good job generating usable data — ScienceDaily

Ask any scientist – for every “Eureka!” moment, there’s a lot of less-than-glamorous work behind the scenes. Making discoveries about everything from a new species of dinosaur to insights about climate change entails some slogging through seemingly endless data and measurements that can be mind-numbing in large doses. Community science shares the burden with volunteers … Read more

Fathoming the art and science of data analysis

Cricket has embraced technology after early skepticism. It was late to the party as compared to other sports in harnessing the power of big data, with the advent of T20s necessitating the push towards analytics as teams and individuals strived for that extra edge. Premeditation became a buzzword and players sought information about behavioral patterns … Read more

Gaia mission: 5 revealing insights from its latest data

This article was originally published at The Conversation. (opens in new tab) The publication contributed the article to’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Adam McMaster (opens in new tab)PhD Candidate, Astronomy, The Open UniversityAndrew Norton (opens in new tab)Professor of Astrophysics Education, The Open University The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Gaia mission has just … Read more

Here’s The Latest Data On Climate And Food And It’s Not Good

Challenges abound as industrial agriculture is threatened by access to key resources from water to healthy soils. Asa devastating and historic drought from Illinois to Texas to California grinds on, sophisticated mapping and data projection bring more bad news: Agricultural areas are among the places in the US experiencing the highest temperature increases. “It’s happening … Read more

How to Break Into the Data Science Industry, According to Experts

There’s a shortage of experienced talent specializing in data science. Companies say they are facing inflated salaries and increased competition to hire. Insider asked experienced data scientists and industry experts what they look for in candidates. Loading Something is loading. Companies are facing a talent shortage of experienced data scientists due to evolving technology and … Read more

New DNA Technology Is Shaking Up The Branches of The Evolutionary Tree

If you look different to your close relatives, you may have felt separate from your family. As a child, during particularly stormy fall outs you might have even hoped it was a sign that you were adopted. As our new research shows, appearances can be deceptive when it comes to family. New DNA technology is … Read more

How hiring a data science consultant can help you cut through the nois

As humans, we like certainty. We strive for the “definite” everywhere — from looking for the best in purchases and investments to our lifestyles and even relationships. It stands to reason that we do the same with business decisions. Many of us may be so preoccupied and comfortable with our choices that we rarely want … Read more