The yellow brick road to Atlantis? Incredible rock formation spotted on ocean floor near Hawaii 

It may look similar to the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz, or perhaps a hidden path to the mythical lost city of Atlantis. But deep-sea researchers who spotted the incredible rock formation say it is actually an example of ancient active volcanic geology on the ocean floor near Hawaii. The strange-looking feature, … Read more

Geologists plan to crack open an 830-million-year-old crystal that might contain ancient life 

Geologists are planning to crack open an 830-million-year-old rock salt crystal, which they believe contains ancient microorganisms that may still be alive. Researchers from the Geological Society of America first announced their discovery of tiny remnants of prokaryotic and algal life inside an ancient halite crystal earlier this month. These organisms were found inside microscopic … Read more

British geologist, 66, facing death penalty in Iraq for ‘smuggling ancient pottery’ arrives in court

A British geologist accused of smuggling ancient shards out of Iraq appeared in court yesterday as he attempted to avoid a potential death sentence. Jim Fitton, 66, was escorted to the Baghdad courtroom in a stark yellow jumpsuit on Sunday where he implored judges to realize he had not acted with criminal intent and had … Read more

British geologist, 66, facing death penalty in Iraq faces another TWO WEEKS in holding cell

A retired British geologist facing the death penalty for attempting to smuggle ancient artefacts out of Iraq faces a further two weeks in a holding cell after his trial was postponed by an Iraqi court. Both Jim Fitton, 66, and co-accused German tourist Volker Waldmann were escorted into the courtroom wearing stark yellow jumpsuits as … Read more

British geologist, 66, faces the DEATH PENALTY in Iraq for ‘smuggling historical artefacts’

A retired British geologist is at risk of facing the death penalty after being accused of attempting to smuggle historic artefacts out of Iraq, according to his family. UK ministers have faced calls to intervene to help ‘make a difference’ in the case of Jim Fitton, 66, who has been detained in the Middle-Eastern country. … Read more

Anti-vax ex-science teacher Christian Marchegiani declares victory with vaccine mandates set to end

Father-of-two science teacher who lost his job after refusing the Covid-19 vaccine reveals his new life as a truck driver after calling the jab an ‘unimaginable threat to freedom’ Trainer-turned-teacher was sacked over Covid vaccine mandates in November Christian Marchegiani headed two ‘freedom’ organizations during the pandemic Vaccine mandates expected to end for teachers and … Read more

Five of Biden’s federal agencies refuse to define the word ‘woman’

Five of President Joe Biden’s federal agencies – including the Departments of Justice and Education – refused to define the word ‘woman’ days after his new Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson did the same. In some cases, a few agencies failed to define the word even in relation to their own uses of terms … Read more

MIT biology professor accused of sexually harassing grad student resigns

A prominent Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) biology professor and researcher has resigned after the university launched an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and threatened to revoke his tenure. Dr. David Sabatini, 54, stepped down on Friday after MIT’s provost, dean of science and Biology department head concluded that his resignation would be the … Read more

Parents are furious after biological male, non-binary counselors slept in rooms with little girls

A group of parents lambasted an infamously woke California school district after learning that biological male counselors who are non-binary and use they / them pronouns were sleeping in the same rooms as fifth-grade girls at a school-organized science camp. The parents said that their children, who attend Weaver Elementary School in the Los Alamitos … Read more

Geology: Supermountains 4,900 miles long ‘supercharged’ life’s evolution 2,000 million years ago

Vast mountain ranges that reached as high up as the Himalayas but were 3–4 times as long ‘supercharged’ the evolution of life on Earth some 2,000 million years ago. This is the conclusion of Australian National University-led experts, who said these ‘supermountains’ leached essential nutrients, spurring on biological activity. The researchers detected evidence in ancient … Read more