Tiffany Nakla: Connecting My Faith and Science – APU Articles

Raised in an Egyptian Christian family, Tiffany Nakla ’22 grew up attending a Coptic Orthodox church where the beautiful prayers and hymns sung in Arabic and Coptic during the services deeply moved her and inspired her faith. Transitioning to college, Nakla enrolled at Azusa Pacific University where her faith continued to flourish. “At APU I … Read more

There Are ‘Secret’ Tunnels Connecting Your Skull And The Brain

Did you know you have tiny tunnels in your head? That’s OK, no one else did either until recently! But that’s exactly what a team of medical researchers confirmed in mice and humans in 2018 – tiny channels that connect skull bone marrow to the lining of the brain. The research shows they may provide … Read more

Connecting the dots between aging, Alzheimer’s, and ‘junk DNA’ : NewsCenter

March 16, 2022 Rochester’s Vera Gorbunova (left), the Doris Johns Cherry professor of biology, and Andrei Seluanov, professor of biology, join colleagues at Brown and NYU to investigate the relationship between types of selfish genetic elements called retrotransposons and Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegeneration. (University of Rochester photo / J. … Read more

Wormholes – Shortcuts Connecting Two Points in Spacetime – Help Resolve Black Hole Information Paradox

A mathematical analysis helps illuminate the puzzle over how information escapes from a[{” attribute=””>black hole. A RIKEN physicist and two colleagues have found that a wormhole—a bridge connecting distant regions of the Universe—helps to shed light on the mystery of what happens to information about matter consumed by black holes. Einstein’s theory of general relativity … Read more