Polyratings relaunched by two Cal Poly computer science students

In 2001 two students launched “Polyratings 2.0,” a website where Cal Poly students can rate professors and review their classes. Despite its popularity, the site changed to “read only” mode in 2020. It was not accepting any more reviews – until new students decided to revive the site on May 9. After working on this … Read more

Teaching Sustainability in Computer Science?

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Bristol ran a discussion panel on if and how should (environmental) sustainability be taught to the Engineering students. Here are my 2 pence on teaching sustainability to Computer Science students. Why should our students engage with Environmental Sustainability in their formal education? Well because the ICT / … Read more

Imperial computer science and engineering research best in UK: REF 2021 | Imperial News

Imperial’s Faculty of Engineering is celebrating its research being ranked best in the UK for both computer science and engineering. The College ranks top in the UK overall in the Research Excellence Framework 2021 – with a greater proportion of 4 * “world-leading” research than any other UK university. The results confirm Imperial’s status as … Read more

Governor’s May Revise Includes $67.5 Million for Cal State Fullerton’s Engineering and Computer Science Innovation Hub

Friday the 13th was a lucky day for Cal State Fullerton’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. That was the day it was announced that the governor’s May Revise includes $ 67.5 million from the state of California to be applied toward construction of the university’s Engineering and Computer Science … Read more

Computer science changed UNM grad’s tune on a career: UNM Newsroom

Brendan Mulkern’s background would suggest that he was on track to play in a philharmonic. Instead, he is starting a full-time position as a software engineer at Sandia National Laboratories. Mulkern earned a master’s degree in computer science from The University of New Mexico this month. It is the second degree he is earning from … Read more

How An Iowa Teacher is Leveling Up to Meet His State’s New Computer Science Curriculum Mandates — THE Journal

Expert Viewpoint How An Iowa Teacher is Leveling Up to Meet His State’s New Computer Science Curriculum Mandates By Tim Walljasper 05/17/22 The Computer Science Teachers Association’s A Model Curriculum for K – 12 Computer Science report defines computer science as “the study of computers and algorithmic processes, including their principles, their hardware … Read more

Student Engineering and Computer Science Research Showcased

Mechanical engineering students developed LegUp, a robotic system with six legs that simultaneously rotate. After she graduates this month, Subha Lal plans to use the engineering skills she learned at Cal State Fullerton to contribute to preserving the environment and advancing technology to better mankind. As the team lead for … Read more

Cats Remember Each Other’s Names, Japanese Study Suggests

They may act aloof, and generally behave as if they live on a higher plane of existence than us mere humans. But cats are more present than we might sometimes think. In recent years, scientists have shown that cats actually bond deeply with humans. These complex creatures can and will communicate with us, and they … Read more

Scientists Have Powered a Basic Computer With Just Algae For Over 6 Months

In a ghastly vision of a future cut off from sunlight, the machine overloads in the Matrix movie series turned to sleeping human bodies as sources of electricity. If they’d had sunlight, algae would undoubtedly have been the better choice. Engineers from the University of Cambridge in the UK have run a microprocessor for more … Read more

What are good double majors for computer science students?

The right double major for computer science depends on your interest and goals. A double major in engineering, mathematics, or comparable discipline supplements what you learn in a computer science program by overlapping, reinforcing, and building on what you learn. Double majoring in business introduces new knowledge and skills in topics like marketing, management, and … Read more