Watch NASA’s The Color of Space – Inspirational Documentary Celebrates Black Space Explorers

NASA’s The Color of Space documentary captures the personal stories of seven current and former Black astronauts, each selected to become part of NASA’s astronaut corps and train for space missions. Members of the public are invited to watch The Color of Space, an inspirational documentary by[{” attribute=””>NASA that tells the stories of Black Americans … Read more

Blue Is Probably Your Favorite Color, According to Science

Color preferences shift over time and are attributed to personal meanings. Blue is a top choice for favorite color across the globe. Our favorite colors often darken as we age, with bright colors the most popular among youth. You probably like blue, and you’re not alone. Across the globe, a majority of people tend to … Read more

We Now Know Why Natural Selection May Favor Iridescence in Some Insects

Myriad animals don the brilliant shifting hues of iridescence, making them stunning to marvel at, but why natural selection so widely favored such structural colors has been somewhat of a mystery. Shifting metallic sheens have evolved independently many times across the animal kingdom, from dazzling hummingbirds to skinks shining in rainbow to jewel-like flies. In … Read more

Science and Tech Have Long Sidelined Women and People of Color. Alondra Nelson Is Here to Fix That.

‘A lifelong curiosity’ about science, tech and inequity Alondra Nelson was born in Bethesda, Maryland, in 1968. Her parents, both military, had met at New Mexico’s White Sands Missile Range, she says. (Her mother worked in a subterranean bunker, and would walk a mile to meet her father above ground.) Nelson’s first handful of years … Read more

What color were the dinosaurs?

No animals have experienced a more dramatic makeover in the past few decades than the nonavian dinosaurs. Animals we used to think had nothing but drab gray and brown scales are now believed to have flaunted feathers in bright colors and patterns. So what colors were the dinosaurs, really? And how do we know? One … Read more

Video Shows Off a Squid’s Unexpected Camouflage Skill For The First Time

Octopuses and cuttlefish are the ultimate wallflowers. By changing the patterns and colors of their skin, these cephalopods can slip into the background of almost any seafloor scene. Squid, in comparison, are usually translucent or iridescent, but that does not mean they do not have a colorful trick or two up their eight sleeves. Recently, … Read more

AI could add color to night vision

Night vision is typically monotone — everything the wearer can see is colored in the same hue, which is mostly shades of green. But by using varying wavelengths of infrared light and a relatively simple AI algorithm, scientists from the University of California, Irvine have been able to bring some color back into these desaturated … Read more

Fish Appear to Be Losing Their Color as Coral Reefs Decline, Scientists Warn

Fish communities on Australia’s famed Great Barrier Reef may become less colorful as oceans warm and corals bleach, according to a new Australian study that looked at changes in reef health, coral types, and resident fish over three decades. “Future reefs may not be the colorful ecosystems we recognize today,” write marine ecologist Chris Hemingson … Read more

For art students, Peabody specimens offer lessons in color and truth

Larry Gall pulls out a glass-covered case containing a dozen blue morpho butterflies. He rocks the box back and forth to illustrate how the butterflies shimmer. The Yale students who’ve gathered around him all pull out their phones to snap photos. In nature, he tells the group, color can come from pigments that absorb light … Read more