COVID-19 as an Accelerator to Rethink the City – The Nature of Cities

The COVID-19 outbreak that began early in 2020 has been an accelerator of how outer public and private spaces are perceived and valued as places for shelter, amusement, and social gathering. Urban public space has been a subject of rethinking for decades regarding its role as a catalyst for revitalization and as a promoter of … Read more

From the archives: Army plans a city under the Arctic

To mark our 150th year, we’re revisiting the Popular Science stories (both hits and misses) that helped define scientific progress, understanding, and innovation — with an added hint of modern context. Explore the Notable pages and check out all our anniversary coverage here. The 45-year-old Cold War probably never got colder than when the US … Read more

City of Hope Faculty Honored for Achievements in Clinical Surgery, Promotion of Women in Cancer Science

Yuman Fong, MD, received the 2022 Flance-Karl Award from the American Surgical Association (ASA), and Leslie Bernstein, PhD, received the Margaret L. Kripke Legend Award for Promotion of Women in Cancer Medicine and Cancer Science. This week, City of Hope National Medical Center, a Comprehensive Cancer Center in Duarte, California, announced that 2 faculty had … Read more

Underground city unearthed in Turkey may have been refuge for early Christians

Archaeologists in southeastern Turkey have unearthed a vast underground city that was built almost 2,000 years ago and could have been home to up to 70,000 people. The subterranean complex may have been a protected space that early Christians used to escape Roman persecution. The first underground chambers of the ancient complex were found about … Read more

Under Brisbane lies coal, gold, quartz in small geological pockets

Brisbane is famous for a subtropical climate and being one of Australia’s most liveable cities, but there is much more going on underneath its streets than most residents might think. Parts of the Queensland capital’s hilly terrain are home to reserves of coal, quartz and gold. Traces of coal were first noticed on the banks … Read more

Cañon City High School launches student-made rockets – Canon City Daily Record

Students of Cañon City High School’s STEM and SystemsGo program launched four self-designed and student-made rockets Monday at the Piñion Canyon Maneuver Site. The SystemsGo program has been a part of the CCHS curriculum since 2019 and, in its short tenure, has attracted students with a vast array of skills, backgrounds, and interests to a … Read more

Group to honor 19th Century Warsaw Geologist | Daily Gate City

Geology is the science of the earth, particularly concerned with rocks, the story they tell, and the products they yield. Hancock County, Illinois, had a famous geologist. Prof. Amos Henry Worthen, State Geologist of Illinois and Curator of the State Historical Library and Museum of Natural History, died in his home in Warsaw, Hancock County, … Read more

New City College Science Building Will Launch Fresno Success Stories – GV Wire

Gray skies and rain sprinkles did not dampen the celebration Thursday at the official groundbreaking ceremony marking the start of construction of the long-awaited Science Building at Fresno City College. The $ 87 million building at the corner of Blackstone and Weldon Avenues represents different things to different people. For chemistry professor Seth Yates, the … Read more

How geology put a South African city at risk of landslides

Some articles have suggested the catastrophes in Durban and the greater eThekwini region of South Africa following recent floods are due to climate change and maladministration. While these factors play a role, the fact that landslides occurred comes as no surprise, considering the geology of the area. eThekwini is a coastal metropolis characterized by hilly … Read more