A visit to the Natural History Museum – The Nature of Cities

Museums and collections surely served to materialize the appropriation of history, englobed within Britannia’s magnanimous fold. One almost expects Tarzan to come swinging from the roof trusses, the archetypical English gentleman who whitewashes the colonial-industrial complex with the image of unsullied nature. At the end of November 2021, spending a few days in London, I … Read more

How cities are preparing for life-threatening heatwaves

This article originally appeared in Nexus Media News and was made possible by a grant from the Open Society Foundations. Last summer a mass of high-pressure air, known as a heat dome, settled over the Pacific Northwest, hovering for days. The result was record-shattering heat, with temperatures reaching 115 degrees in Portland. The event may … Read more

Satellites zoom in on cities’ hottest neighborhoods

Spend time in a city in summer and you can feel the urban heat rising from the pavement and radiating from buildings. Cities are generally hotter than surrounding rural areas, but even within cities, some residential neighborhoods get dangerously warmer than others just a few miles away. Within these “micro-urban heat islands,” communities can experience … Read more

Finland has become the first country to build a complete underground geological storage facility for its spent nuclear waste

The scars and pockmarks of the aging apartments and housing units under the purview of the New York City Housing Authority do not immediately communicate the idea of ​​innovation. The largest landlord in the city, housing nearly 1 in 16 New Yorkers, NYCHA has seen its buildings literally crumble after decades of deferred maintenance and … Read more

How Can We Build Natural Networks to Deliver the Deal With Stakeholders? – The Nature of Cities

Quite often city-makers who want to implement nature-based solutions run into many hurdles standing in the way of realizing their green ideals. But how do you tear down those walls? Effective co-creation is a path forward. More than half of the world population lives and works in diverse, bustling cities. And perhaps, if you are … Read more

Astrophysicists Create “Time Machine” Simulations To Observe the Lifecycle of Ancestor Galaxy Cities

Scientists create “time machine” simulations studying the lifecycle of ancestor galaxy cities. Many processes in astrophysics take a very long time, making their evolution tricky to study. For example, a star like our sun has a lifespan of about 10 billion years and galaxies evolve over the course of billions of years. One way astrophysicists … Read more

Advancing Equitable Green Infrastructure Investments in US Cities – The Nature of Cities

As we continue to make positive ecological, economic, and social impacts in each community, we have been asking ourselves how we can “thread the needle” and invest in vulnerable and disadvantaged communities while minimizing the negative impacts of gentrification and displacement. Dr. Ian Mell from the University of Manchester recently published an article in Frontiers … Read more

COVID-19 as an Accelerator to Rethink the City – The Nature of Cities

The COVID-19 outbreak that began early in 2020 has been an accelerator of how outer public and private spaces are perceived and valued as places for shelter, amusement, and social gathering. Urban public space has been a subject of rethinking for decades regarding its role as a catalyst for revitalization and as a promoter of … Read more

How urban sprawl came to define American cities

Analysis paralysis — being so overwhelmed by options you can not pick a path — has new meaning thanks to climate change. Making the “right” choice has never been more complicated, but we’re here to help. This is Impact, a new sustainability series from PopSci. In 2020, during her re-election campaign, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo … Read more

Your Navigational Skills Are Intricately Linked to Your Past, Research Shows

More and more, scientists are unraveling the ways our environments shape not only our mental health, but also our cognitive abilities. A new study has now discovered a fascinating link between where we grew up and our navigational skills. An international team led by researchers from CNRS in France and University College London found that … Read more