Geologists find rare “cave cloud” in south China’s Guangxi-Xinhua

Photo taken on July 2, 2022 shows the “cave cloud”, a special kind of natural mineral deposit within a cave, in Xiniuyan Cave in Wuxuan County, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The cave cloud, found in the Xiniuyan Cave, in Wuxuan County, in the city of Laibin, covers an area of ​​300 square meters … Read more

Did a giant radio telescope in China just discover aliens? Not so FAST…

The FAST radio telescope in China. (Image credit: Liu Xu / Xinhua / AP) This article was originally published at The Conversation. (opens in new tab) The publication contributed the article to’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Danny C. Price (opens in new tab)Senior research fellow, Curtin University “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”– Carl … Read more

What’s Causing the Devastating Floods in China, India, and Bangladesh?

What’s Causing the Devastating Floods in China, India, and Bangladesh? #China: Situation in Yingde, Qingyuan County, #Guangdong Province at 8:00 am on June 22. Flooded up to the second floor, 10 meters above the normal water level.# 洪水 #chinaflood #floodinchina – Siraj Noorani (@sirajnoorani) June 22, 2022 In central and southern China, tens of … Read more

New paper: Early Neoproterozoic stromatolites from south Liaoning Province, China

I’m pleased to announce the online publication of a new paper from a Chinese-American geological team (Zhang et al., 2022). I’m the sole American! My role was minor, being mostly useful for literature review and writing. The senior author is my friend Yong-Li Zhang from Northeastern University, Shenyang. He was my host on my adventurous … Read more

In China, science-based approaches to the virus are being sidelined

Residents are growing increasingly fatigued, defiant, and mocking of the approach, while experts are questioning how a country that prides itself on cutting-edge technology and scientific innovation could find itself on a course so radically different to the rest of the world. In another particularly telling incident, Chinese authorities even censored a North Korean public … Read more

Major biodiversity summit will go ahead in Canada not China: what scientists think

Deforestation, in places such as the Amazon, contributes to biodiversity loss.Credit: Ivan Valencia / Bloomberg / Getty Researchers are relieved that a pivotal summit to finalize a new global agreement to save nature will go ahead this year, after two-years of delays because of the pandemic. But they say the hard work of negotiating an … Read more

China aims to return Mars samples before joint NASA-European mission: report

China plans to haul Mars samples to Earth in 2031, two years before NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) aim to do so, according to media reports. The target date was announced in a Monday (June 20) presentation (opens in new tab) by Sun Zezhou, chief designer of the Tianwen 1 Mars orbiter and … Read more

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited (CASIC) Releases the INDICS-OS Operating System and Industrial Digital Brain

BEIJING, June 17, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The 2022 International Conference on Industrial Internet with the theme of “Create a New Era of the Digital Economy Based on Industrial Internet Innovation and Development” was unveiled in the form of cloud conference on June 15, 2022. Wu Hequan, Li Bohu, Liu Yunjie, Gao Wen and … Read more

Did China’s FAST Telescope Just Discover Aliens? Here’s What You Need to Know

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”– Carl Sagan (Cosmos, 1980) This phrase is the standard that astronomers will be applying to a curious signal captured with China’s “Sky Eye” telescope that might be a transmission from alien technology. An article reporting the signal was posted on China’s website state-backed Science and Technology Daily newspaper, but was … Read more

Astronomers in China Claim Possible Detection of ‘Extraterrestrial Civilizations’

China is claiming that its enormous “Sky Eye” telescope may have picked up trace signals from a distant alien civilization, according to a recently posted and subsequently deleted report by Chinese scientists. Astronomers at Beijing Normal University have discovered “several cases of possible technological traces and extraterrestrial civilizations from outside the Earth”, according to a … Read more