Midsummer up Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh: ‘The world is as it ever was, but everything has changed’ | Summer holidays

Midsummer on the summit of Arthur’s Seat is just like any other time of year: windy and busy. Come noon on Saturday, all the world is here, it seems, with the strongest representation from the US and Germany, according to my detailed inventory. (OK, eavesdropping.) Groups of young people in inappropriate footwear hold phones aloft, … Read more

Esther Lederberg changed our understanding of how bacteria breed

The annals of science journalism weren’t always as inclusive as they could have been. So PopSci is working to correct the record with In Hindsight, a series profiling some of the figures whose contributions we missed. Read their stories and explore the rest of our 150th anniversary coverage here. On December 10, 1958, microbiologist Esther … Read more

Computer science changed UNM grad’s tune on a career: UNM Newsroom

Brendan Mulkern’s background would suggest that he was on track to play in a philharmonic. Instead, he is starting a full-time position as a software engineer at Sandia National Laboratories. Mulkern earned a master’s degree in computer science from The University of New Mexico this month. It is the second degree he is earning from … Read more

Colossal asteroid impact forever changed the balance of the moon

The moon’s far side is littered with many more craters than the nearside, which is visible from Earth. (Image credit: Shutterstock) One side of the moon is littered with far more craters than the other, and researchers finally know why: A massive asteroid that slammed into the moon around 4.3 billion years ago wreaked havoc … Read more

Radioactivity – 50 years that changed the world: part 3

This post is the final of three articles first published by Xiaoduo Media in “Front Vision”. Front Vision is a Chinese online science magazine for children. My original English text produced with permission. Nuclear fission was discovered as Europe slid towards war and this meant that research became focused on nuclear weapons. After the war, … Read more

SAVE team changed how science is done, spanning 58 institutions — ScienceDaily

In a paper in the journal Nature, Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists Bette Korber, Hyejin Yoon, Will Fischer and James Theiler, among nearly 130 authors from institutions around the world, describe their groundbreaking collaborative work, “Defining the risk of SARS-CoV- 2 variants on immune protection. “ Korber, Fischer, Yoon and Theiler are members of a … Read more

A science trailblazer retires: Stem cell researcher James Thomson’s legacy changed the future of biology

James Thomson says the unique landscape at UW – Madison helped stem cell science thrive in ways that aren’t possible at most universities. DAVID NEVALA FOR THE MORGRIDGE INSTITUTE The developing human body will eventually grow from a tiny two-celled zygote to a massively complex system comprising more than 37 trillion cells. If a single … Read more

The Mysterious Man Who Discovered Neurons and Changed Science Forever ‹ Literary Hub

Twelve years ago, I saw an image of a brain cell drawn by a man whom I had never heard of, Santiago Ramón y Cajal, and had what I recognize now was an awakening. At the time, I was so depressed that I had entered anhedonia, that vast terrain of feelinglessness. My only activity was … Read more