Start-up helps winemakers survive climate change with AI and satellite tech

Global change poses a major threat to the winemaking industry. With geology, landscape, soil, and temperature determining which grape varieties can be grown where, as well as their quality and yield, even slight changes in climate can have devastating effects on vines. The shift in global warming patterns may move premium grape growing regions out … Read more

Aeramentum set to weigh into EU battery metals markets

There’s nothing quite like a war, or even a partial invasion like that undertaken in the north of Cyprus by Turkey back in 1974 to lock up and preserve the in-ground geological riches for decades to come. Indeed, Turkey’s annexation of the northern part of Cyprus split what was a small but rich geological province … Read more

Doctors’ Group Accuse Insurers of Using ‘Junk Science’ to Deny COVID Business Claims

The medical profession in New Hampshire is accusing the insurance industry of using “junk science” in justifying its denials of Covid-related business insurance claims. In an amicus brief in a case between a hotel chain and eight insurers, the New Hampshire Medical Society blasts the insurers and the industry trade group the American Property Casualty … Read more

John Walter Named CEO of Food Allergy Science Initiative | Business

CAMBRIDGE, Mass .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Jun 24, 2022– The Food Allergy Science Initiative (FASI) today named veteran healthcare research leader John Walter as CEO of the food allergy research organization. Walter had served as chief operating officer for FASI since January of this year. This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: … Read more

CBD marketing for dogs way ahead of the science, experts say

1/5 Veterinarian and educator Joseph Wakshlag has found success using CBD for a variety of health conditions in canines. Photo courtesy of Joseph Wakshlag NEW YORK, June 24 (UPI) – Dog owners give their furry companions CBD-based products to treat everything from anxiety to arthritis, but just like with humans, benefits of the compound for … Read more

The Difference Between Data Science And Business Analytics

DETROIT – In various business environments today, the term data science seems to carry with it a particular misconception, whereby, it seems to be erroneously equated to business analytics. This notion is further being flamed by businesses and organizations making the mistake of defining these roles and using them interchangeably. This has led to data … Read more

In some places, humans and wildlife are ‘business partners.’ The relationships may not last | Science

Many of us grow attached to animals, whether it’s by raising a puppy or regularly feeding a crow on the porch. But for millennia, certain communities around the world have formed a different sort of bond — one where animals are more like business partners than pets. Dolphins herd fish for fishermen, for example, and … Read more

GBRIA trade show set for Thursday, free patent protection workshop, Yokogawa opens local tech center | Business

New Orleans Geological Society to hear about LSU Campus Mounds The New Orleans Geological Society will hold a Zoom meeting at 11:30 am Monday. Brooks B. Ellwood, a professor emeritus in the LSU Department of Geology and Geophysics, will discuss recent radiocarbon dating that found one of the LSU Campus Mounds is the oldest known … Read more