Iceland: Alarm sounded over ‘beautiful but deadly’ black sand beach and sneaker waves

Iceland’s most famous black sand beach is a lure for international visitors, but a combination of geology and the raw power of the ocean make it a deadly attraction. The black sands and roaring waves of Reynisfjara beach are among the main attractions along the scenic south coast of Iceland. It’s known for its haunting … Read more

Recognizing Black expertise could encourage more interest in science, says professor

A Dalhousie professor believes focusing on Black history could be a key element in getting more Black students involved in science, technology, engineering and math, also known by the acronym STEM. Professor Afua Cooper, a historian and a Killam Research Chair of Black History and African Diaspora Studies at Dalhousie University, will be hosting a … Read more

How black holes and galaxies play tug-of-war across the cosmos

Black holes and galaxies have a complicated relationship. Astronomers think nearly every galaxy hosts a giant black hole in its core. And while those black holes are truly massive – weighing millions, or even billions, of solar masses – they are tiny compared to their home galaxies, reaching less than 1% of the mass of … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope will study Milky Way’s monster black hole

Astronomers needed a telescope the size of Earth to image the monster black hole at the center of the Milky Way – and next time they tackle the continuing observations, they’ll have help from NASA’s next-generation observatory in space. The James Webb Space Telescope, also known as JWST or Webb, launched in December 2021 and … Read more

Watch NASA’s The Color of Space – Inspirational Documentary Celebrates Black Space Explorers

NASA’s The Color of Space documentary captures the personal stories of seven current and former Black astronauts, each selected to become part of NASA’s astronaut corps and train for space missions. Members of the public are invited to watch The Color of Space, an inspirational documentary by[{” attribute=””>NASA that tells the stories of Black Americans … Read more

Reading Between the Lines To Model Our Galaxy’s Supermassive Black Hole

Simulation of glowing gas around a black hole ‘Credit: Chris White, Princeton University Looks can be deceiving. The light from an incandescent bulb seems steady, but it actually flickers 120 times per second. Because the brain only perceives an average of the information it receives, this flickering is blurred and the perception of constant illumination … Read more

Science and music collide in a Black Hole Symphony at the Museum of Science

Black holes are the most massive gravitational engines in the universe, yet what most of us probably know about them could fit into a thimble. A new collaboration of music, art, and science by the Multiverse Concert Series offers an opportunity to learn a lot more about these mysteries of the cosmos. As part of … Read more

The Vital Role HBCUs Play in Building a Robust Science & Engineering Enterprise – US Black Engineer

The National Science Foundation (NSF) appointed Karen Marrongelle to serve as the chief operating officer in July 2021. Prior, she led the NSF Directorate for Education and Human Resources, which supports research that enhances learning and teaching, and broad efforts to achieve excellence in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education at all levels and … Read more

NIH launches grant program aimed at closing the funding rate gap between Black and white investigators | Science

After having one idea batted down last year, some National Institutes of Health (NIH) institutes are taking a new tack to bolster the success rate of Black scientists and researchers from other underrepresented groups seeking research grants. A program aiming to diversify the NIH workforce could award up to $ 20 million a year to … Read more