Iceland: Alarm sounded over ‘beautiful but deadly’ black sand beach and sneaker waves

Iceland’s most famous black sand beach is a lure for international visitors, but a combination of geology and the raw power of the ocean make it a deadly attraction. The black sands and roaring waves of Reynisfjara beach are among the main attractions along the scenic south coast of Iceland. It’s known for its haunting … Read more

Beach Energy probes Limestone Coast potential amid ‘desperate need’ for local gas

An energy giant will assess future opportunities to explore gas in regional South Australia amid a “desperate” need for more local gas. Key points: Beach Energy to close headquarters and mothball gas plant on Limestone Coast with no activities in the pipeline Energy giant to use geological survey to target future gas reserves with more … Read more

Sato Academy of Mathematics and Science • Long Beach Post News

Principal Veronica Coleman and former school board member Doug Otto congratulated the students and handed out diplomas. Student speakers included ASB President Jaymie Grace Simon Baluyot, ASB Vice President Nicole Victoria Capcha, Roktima Godhuli and Kenneth Dinh-Hien Le. It was the second ceremony in a busy graduation season for Long Beach Unified that continues through … Read more

Science Fiction And Fantasy Beach Reads

This historical fantasy set in the Victorian era combines penny dreadful vibes with classic fantasy tropes. Some children are born with talents, rare magical abilities to manipulate their bodies. Charlie Ovid can heal himself, the child Marlowe emits an unnatural glow, Komako can control dust, and Ribs can make herself invisible. All four are whisked … Read more

Bringing citizen science into school – and to the beach | Opinion

It’s not every day that a school science class involves a trip to the beach. Instead of sunbathing or swimming, teenagers in the north of Portugal were invited to learn some chemistry while exploring their local coastlines. José Luís Araújo, a junior researcher at the University of Porto, worked with colleagues to develop the ‘Perceiving … Read more

Sea Levels Are Creeping Up, But Some Beaches Are Getting Bigger. Here’s Why

In a warmer world, rising sea levels could render many coastlines, beaches, and reef islands uninhabitable, or destroy them altogether. The 1.09 ℃ Earth has warmed since pre-industrial times has already heightened seas by 20 centimeters. But curiously, research shows some coastlines and even low-lying coral reef islands are actually growing rather than eroding in … Read more

To meet next-gen standards, integrated science course OK’d by Laguna Beach school board

A new look at science education has seen the Laguna Beach Unified School District bring like subject matter under a collective banner. Looking to satisfy next-generation science standards, the district transitioned away from the traditional science learning pathway that saw high school students take biology, followed by chemistry and physics. Integrated science courses took their … Read more

Best beach wagons of 2022

While we would love to say you can enjoy the beach with just a bottle of sunscreen and a pair of shades, sometimes that just does not cut it. A truly luxurious day at the beach involves fluffy towels, cool beverages, your favorite snacks, a good book, a change of clothes, sweet treats, a beach … Read more

Researchers report findings of Beach Road landslide investigation | KHNS Radio

The Beach Road landslide, as seen from Picture Point on March 22, 2022 (Corinne Smith / KHNS) A team of researchers have released their findings from an investigation into the Beach Road landslide in Haines. Investigators found the area is stable for now but could slide again after another large rainstorm or earthquake. They presented … Read more