Women with disabilities ‘underestimated’ as battle for equality in science careers heats up

Zia Westerman was interested in studying geoscience, but a lack of flexibility around field trips caused her to do an arts degree instead. Key points: People with disabilities make up just six percent of university enrollments There has been a lack of inclusion in science-related professions But a group of women are setting an example … Read more

Researchers plead with EU and UK to leave science out of Brexit battle – POLITICO

LONDON – Senior scientists have urged European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen not to exclude Britain from the EU’s flagship research and development program because of a wider political row over Brexit. A letter to von der Leyen, sent Thursday and seen by POLITICO, is written by the campaign group Stick to Science, and … Read more

Mastodon Killed in Bloody Battle 13,200 Years Ago – Reveals Extinct Animal’s Annual Migration

University of Michigan paleontologist Daniel Fisher with a mounted skeleton of the Buesching mastodon, based on casts of individual bones produced in fiberglass, on public display at the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History in Ann Arbor. Credit: Eric Bronson, Michigan Photography Mastodons are relatives of elephants belonging to the genus Mammut that inhabited … Read more

Virtual dissection table enhances health science at Battle Ground High School

BATTLE GROUND – Looming in the corner of a small classroom at Battle Ground High School is the future of medical education. Reminiscent of the infamous monoliths from “2001: A Space Odyssey,” the Anatomage Table is a new piece of technology that allows students to conduct virtual dissections and view detailed scans of cadavers and … Read more

Understanding reality is not a battle of faith- Big Think

Sometimes I feel discouraged when I witness the gulf between science and the general public. Sure, millions of people are avid consumers of science books, podcasts, TV shows, and videos, and that is wonderful. When I was growing up in the 1970s, it was much harder to access science. There were magazines like Scientific American … Read more

Science can benefit from Indigenous land user knowledge in battle against climate change

Monitoring and improving animal and plant life cycles and water quality, passing down traditional and spiritual practices, and weaving together Indigenous knowledge and western science are the top concerns presented in a recently published report on how climate change is affecting Indigenous peoples in Canada. “I see my culture starting to disappear”: Anishinaabe perspectives on … Read more

Immunologists Unravel Secret Battle Plans of Deadly Coronaviruses

Immunologists from Trinity, who have worked on coronaviruses for the past decade, have just unraveled new secrets behind the viruses’ battle plans – providing new insights into how these deadly viruses sometimes win the war against human immune systems. The immunologists, led by Dr. Nigel Stevenson, Assistant Professor in Viral Immunology at Trinity, have discovered … Read more

Microscopic Ocean Predator May Be a Secret Weapon in the Battle Against Climate Change

Researchers prepare to launch sampling equipment in Port Hacking, eastern Australia. Credit: Sydney University of Technology Microscopic Ocean Predator With a Taste for Carbon Capture A single-celled marine microbe capable of photosynthesis and hunting and eating prey may be a secret weapon in the battle against climate change. Scientists at the University of Technology Sydney … Read more