Institute of Diversity Sciences Awards Team Grants for Science and Engineering Research that Promotes Social Justice : UMass Amherst

The Institute of Diversity Sciences (IDS), led by Nilanjana Dasgupta, awarded three new grants to multidisciplinary teams of faculty and student researchers focused on promoting social justice in the science and engineering. From bilingual tutoring software to the safety of public drinking water, the winning teams are working to ensure that STEM research addresses some … Read more

Why Did Vikings Mysteriously Leave Greenland? We May Finally Know The Reason

For the better part of four centuries, Greenland’s southern coast defined the westernmost edge of Viking occupation. Seduced by visions of verdant hills and fertile ground, in the late 10th century waves of Norse migrants set sail in hopes of an easier life abroad. At its peak, the colony’s population numbered in the thousands, spread … Read more