Cold-Blooded Animals May Hold the Key to Long Life. A Huge Study Just Tried to Find It

A new published and incredibly thorough study of ectothermic tetrapods – reptiles and amphibians – gives experts a fresh insight into the reasons why cold-blooded animals tend to have such long lifespans in relation to their size. It’s the most comprehensive study of longevity and aging ever published: 114 different scientists looking at 107 different … Read more

Social Stress Has Been Linked to Accelerated Immune Aging. Here’s What You Need to Know

As people age, their immune systems naturally begin to decline. This aging of the immune system, called immunosenescence, may be an important part of such age-related health problems as cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as older people less effective response to vaccines. But not all immune systems age at the same rate. In our … Read more

Humans Can Learn to ‘Echolocate’ in Just 10 Weeks, Experiment Shows

With enough training, most humans can learn how to echolocate, using their tongue to make clicking sounds and interpreting the echoes that come back, reflected from the surrounding environment. In as few as 10 weeks, researchers have been able to teach participants how to navigate obstacles and recognize the size and orientation of objects using … Read more

FDA Grants Emergency Authorization For COVID Vaccines For US Kids Under 5

The US Food and Drug Administration granted emergency authorization Friday for the use of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines in the youngest children, the final age group awaiting immunization in most countries. The agency, whose approval is considered the global gold standard, authorized Moderna’s two-dose vaccine for children aged six months to five years, and … Read more

Six Prescriptions for Applied Behavioral Science as It Comes of Age – By Dilip Soman & Nina Mažar

In hindsight, it is easy to see why the field of behavioral science has become popular. In addition to Nudgepopular books like Thinking, Fast and Slow, Predictably Irrational, and Misbehaving offered the promise of seemingly simple, low-cost, and scalable interventions that organizations could adopt to create large changes in stakeholder behavior. And the claim that … Read more

Famous ‘Great Grandfather’ Tree in Chile Could Be The Oldest Tree in The World

The world’s oldest tree may have been standing for centuries when the first boulders were erected at Stonehenge, new research suggests. The ancient giant, an allergy (Fitzroya cupressoides) known as the “Gran Abuelo” (or great grandfather in Spanish) that towers over a ravine in the Chilean Andes, may be roughly 5,400 years old, a new … Read more

Measuring the Age and Size of the Universe

Spiral galaxy NGC 4603 containing Cepheids being used for distance measurements. Credit: ESA / Hubble & NASA, J. Maund The search for Cepheids The top-ranked scientific justification for building the[{” attribute=””>Hubble Space Telescope was to determine the size and age of the Universe through observations of Cepheid variables in distant galaxies. This scientific goal was … Read more

HIV Drug Helps Memories Stay Connected With Age, Intriguing Mouse Study Finds

A common HIV drug has been shown to improve the connections between memories in aging mice. The findings could help reveal how contextual events are remembered in the human brain, and why this becomes harder as we age. The HIV drug, known as maraviroc, acts on a cellular protein known as CCR5, which sits on … Read more

Bachelor of data science is the new age engineering for students

With data becoming so important in today’s world, the use of data science marked the dawn of digital transformation. At least 2.5 quintillion (2.5 followed by 18 zeros) bytes of data is produced on daily basis. This humongous amount of data needs to be evaluated, cleansed, processed, stored, analyzed to be able to interpret it … Read more