Ministers accused of abandoning UK geologist at risk of execution in Iraq | Iraq

The family of a British man who has been detained in Iraq for more than six weeks and faces execution for collecting fragments of pottery at an ancient site has accused British ministers of abandoning him, and expressed concern over the conditions he is being held in. Jim Fitton, 66, who was on an organized … Read more

MIT biology professor accused of sexually harassing grad student resigns

A prominent Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) biology professor and researcher has resigned after the university launched an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and threatened to revoke his tenure. Dr. David Sabatini, 54, stepped down on Friday after MIT’s provost, dean of science and Biology department head concluded that his resignation would be the … Read more

Putin accused of ‘insane delirium over claim Ukraine trying to spread biological weapons via migratory birds and insects

Vladimir Putin has been accused of “insane delirium” over claims Ukraine is seeking to spread biological weapons via migratory birds and insects. Speaking at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council in New York, Russian representative Vasily Nebenzya said Moscow had evidence there were at least 30 laboratories in Ukraine where work on biological … Read more