Local Hero Of The Week: This Engineer is Propelling Kids Into New Heights Through Rocket Science

Start your day with LAist Sign up for the Morning Brief, delivered weekdays. Teaching kids is a bit like rocket science. At least that’s true for Frank Miuccio who teaches rocketry to kids in Watts, Compton, and Boyle Heights, through the Reaction Research Society, an educational rocket science non-profit organization. It all started four years … Read more

Major Step Forward in Monitoring Ocean Health Through “DNA Soup”

When outfitted with a groundbreaking “laboratory in a can” to sample environmental DNA (eDNA), nimble robots like MBARI’s long-range autonomous underwater vehicle (LRAUV) can expand the monitoring of ocean health. Credit: © 2021 MBARI / Monterey Bay Aquarium Autonomous technology uses eDNA to survey biodiversity. In a major step forward for monitoring the biodiversity of … Read more

Hecht Wins 2022 Edgar M. Carlson Award

Gustavus Adolphus College psychological science professor Dr. Lauren Hecht was named the 2022 winner of the Edgar M. Carlson Award for Distinguished Teaching at the College’s commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 21. The award is the College’s highest award for teaching excellence. “In graduate school, after a long, serendipitous journey — supported by my family … Read more

Geology and Seismic Software Market Size 2022-2029| Key Players – Golden Software, gINT, Petrel E&P, OpendTect, SeisEarth – The Daily Vale

The Global Geology and Seismic Software Market 2022 Market Research Report provides a detailed overview of the further development of the Market for Geology and Seismic Software Market. The “Market Research Intellect” is now publishing a new Market analysis with the help of various analytical methods, the study examines the decisive key trends for the … Read more

What Is ‘Paxlovid Mouth’ And Why Is It So Unpleasant?

Loss or alteration of taste (dysgeusia) is a common symptom of COVID. It is also a side effect of several illnesses and medications, including Paxlovid, the new antiviral medication to treat COVID infection. Although it affects fewer than 6 percent of people who are given Paxlovid, some report a “horrible” taste that came on soon … Read more

Reality Check: How much power do ‘vampire electronics’ really drain?

In April, British Gas published a report claiming households could save an average of 7 147 per year on their energy bills by switching off devices that drain power when left on standby. The finding sparked the latest conversation about so-called ‘vampire electronics’ – devices that consume electricity when they’re on standby mode or at … Read more

New Research May Explain Unexpected Effects of Common Painkillers Including Ibuprofen and Aspirin

A new study has uncovered a previously unknown process by which some NSAID pain relievers affect the body. It may explain why different NSAIDs can have unexpected effects on many diseases, including heart disease and cancer. Pain and inflammation are commonly treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and aspirin. However, even at … Read more

Thousands of Chimp Vocal Recordings Reveal a Hidden Language We Never Knew About

We humans like to think our mastery of language sets us apart from the communication abilities of other animals, but an eye-opening new analysis of chimpanzees might force a rethink on just how unique our powers of speech really are. In a new study, researchers analyzed almost 5,000 recordings of wild adult chimpanzee calls in … Read more

Seismic activity detected at Triumph Mine site | News

The United States Geological Survey detected a small 1.4-magnitude aftershock out East Fork around 1:45 am last Tuesday, May 10. The quake was registered on the Triumph Mine lower tailings pile site off East Fork Road, between Triumph Gulch and Karst Drive, according to the USGS. Its depth measured about one mile. According to Shawn … Read more