Sidewinding young stellar jets spied by Gemini South – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Sinusoidal star jets spin lazily through a starry field on new images taken from Chile by the Gemini International Observatory, NSF’s NOIRLab program. The gently curved star jets are the outflow from the young stars, and astronomers suspect that their lateral appearances are caused by the gravitational pull of the accompanying stars. These crystal clear … Read more

SpaceX Dragon cargo ship undocks from space station for trip back to Earth

A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship heads back to Earth. The unmanned reconnaissance spacecraft Dragon CRS-24 detached from the International Space Station on Sunday (December 23rd) after just over a month connected to the orbiting laboratory. The spacecraft, loaded with more than 2 tons of equipment, departed the station at 10:40 a.m. EST (1540 GMT) after … Read more

What are the ‘dark balls’ in the granite of Sant’Andrea (Elba)? – Geology is the Way

If you remember my previous post, you will remember that I left you one question: what are the “dark balls” in granite? Granites are spectacular objects that result from the crystallization of magma at depth. When we can finally see them, exposed to erosion and other processes on the surface of our planet, we see … Read more

Humans unconsciously move in sync with robots

Humans, like most social animals, mimic each other’s facial expressions and expressions through what psychologists call mimicry. More often than not, mimicry helps people feel more positive about the person they are with. “When people interact, they accept each other’s rhythms in terms of breathing, speaking and moving – and that is unconscious,” said Giles … Read more

Climate Change Could Open Up ‘Rivers in The Sky’ Over East Asia

We know that the climate crisis is already having a profound effect on global weather systems, altering temperatures, rainfall, wind patterns, and more – and a new study predicts likely deluges over the mountainous parts of East Asia in the future. The pouring rain will be brought on by atmospheric rivers, scientists predict. These narrow … Read more