Bizarre Self-Mutilation in Mothers Linked to Cholesterol

Like many octopuses, the California two-spot octopus (Octopus bimaculoides) declines and dies shortly after breeding. Credit: Tom Kleindinst, Marine Biological Laboratory Changes in cholesterol production lead to a tragic octopus death spiral. New research finds remarkable parallels in steroid hormone biology across cephalopods, mice, and humans that can have dire consequences when disrupted. Despite their … Read more

UCF’s Planetary Science Rock Stars Guests at MegaCon 2022

If you’re a space expert you know your science but explaining it in a way that excites the public is not always easy. Several of UCF’s faculty are rock stars in both areas, which is why they are back at Megacon this year. Megacon is the Southeast’s largest science fiction and pop culture convention attracting … Read more

An amphibious drone can stick like a remora fish

Remora fish, known commonly as suckerfish, are technically not parasites. They’re just along for the ride. You’ll often see them stuck onto a large marine animal like a shark or a whale and sometimes even small boats, getting free transportation across miles of the ocean while spending very little energy. These odd creatures have flat … Read more

Supercomputing History Unveiled at LANL’s Bradbury Science Museum

May 18, 2022 – A diverse crowd of computing experts and enthusiasts gathered at the Bradbury Science Museum recently to celebrate the opening of a revamped supercomputing exhibit. Leadership, designers, historians and scientists from the Laboratory’s past and present ate cupcakes and talked petaflop clusters while exploring the exhibit’s newest features and stories. The result … Read more

The Relationship Between Cannabis Science and Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is used extensively in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries, primarily in development and testing through instrumentation and microscopy, along with some advanced production techniques. The nascent medicinal and recreational cannabis markets have a similar relationship with nanotechnology. Image Credit: APChanel / Nanotechnology-Based Instrumentation for Detecting Pesticides and Toxic Elements in Cannabis There … Read more

Scientists hone long-range forecasting of US tornadoes, hail — ScienceDaily

Scientists at Northern Illinois University continue to hone extended-range weather forecasting, identifying patterns halfway around the globe that will heighten the probability weeks later for hail- and tornado-producing storms in the United States. New research identifies three specific orientations of atmospheric phenomena occurring near the equator over the Maritime continent that increase the probability of … Read more

For Women – But Not Men – Hugging Romantic Partner Can Prevent the Acute Stress Response

According to the findings of a new study, women instructed to embrace their romantic partner prior to undergoing a stressful experience had a lower biological stress response, compared to women who did not embrace their partner. However, this effect was not seen for men. Women who embraced their romantic partner subsequently had lower stress-induced cortisol … Read more

Hate your face mask? There’s hope | Science

BOULDER, COLORADO—In the shipping room of his factory here, Richard Gordon pulls open the drawer of a restaurant-style convection oven to show off a tray filled with his company new, freshly sterilized product: multicolored face masks that feature an origami design. “I thought the masks were a total horror,” Gordon says. “They looked awful, felt … Read more

2D Material Heterojunctions for “Post-Moore Era” Microelectronics

Figure 1. Schematic of the waveguide-integrated van der Waals PN heterojunction photodetector. Credit: Light Publishing Center, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics And Physics, CAS Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) use photons as information carriers and feature ultra-high transmission speed, low delay, and anti-electromagnetic crosstalk. These advantages are expected to solve the bottleneck problems of microelectronic … Read more