Recognizing Black expertise could encourage more interest in science, says professor

A Dalhousie professor believes focusing on Black history could be a key element in getting more Black students involved in science, technology, engineering and math, also known by the acronym STEM. Professor Afua Cooper, a historian and a Killam Research Chair of Black History and African Diaspora Studies at Dalhousie University, will be hosting a … Read more

How do you keep a dinosaur? The Buffalo Museum of Science

BUFFALO, NY — On July 28, a Gorgosaurus fossil, a relative of the T-Rex, hits the auction block in New York City. It’s going for $5 – $8 million. This sale got us wondering how in the world do you keep a dinosaur, or any other historic specimen for that matter? We took that question … Read more

Solution in the works for Last Chance Grade | News

A “unified front” of elected public officials, finance administrators, project engineers, scientists and public land managers provided project updates for Del Norte County’s notorious Last Change Grade along Highway 101 between Crescent City and Klamath. Sponsored and organized by State Senator Mike McGuire, this annual progress report was presented in a livestream Town Hall format … Read more

Oil, gas production activity likely cause of earthquakes

University of Texas researchers found that oil and gas production activities are the likely cause of increased earthquakes in West Texas and New Mexico, according to a recent study. The Delaware Basin, stretching through West Texas into New Mexico, is a region known for its oil and gas production. Before the study, researchers knew earthquakes … Read more

Off-axis high-temperature hydrothermal field discovered at the East Pacific Rise 9°54’N — ScienceDaily

Spearheaded by the McDermott lab at Lehigh, the research demonstrates there are more hydrothermal vents in the deep-sea than previously thought and underscores a need for bathymetric mapping to locate them. Finding a new, high-temperature, off-axis hydrothermal vent field on the floor of the Pacific Ocean at 2,550 meters depth could change scientists’ understanding of … Read more

New method to map the surface of the moon increases accuracy to unprecedented levels — ScienceDaily

Topography: The surface of the moon and rocky planets, Mars in particular, are of huge interest to anyone trying to explore our solar system. The surface must be known in as much detail as possible, for missions to land safely, or for any robotic vessel to drive across the surface. But until now, the methods … Read more

Researchers use tree rings, GIS to create bluff erosion model

That big tree in your back yard—the one that purifies the air, provides a respite from the sun, and is home to a family of robins—has also been providing a detailed climate record for decades. If you’ve ever seen a tree stump, you’ve noticed that the core has a series of concentric rings. These rings … Read more

Sundance hit documentary ‘Fire of Love’ is a lava-fueled romance

Love between Katia and Maurice Krafft burned hot. It gave them life. It gave them purpose. Eventually, it consumed them. But how many lovers can we say died simultaneously pursuing their shared passion? The jocular Maurice liked to quip that he and Katia were like the volcanoes they gravitated towards on a moment’s notice: volatile, … Read more