Pandemic science hub established to develop drugs for lung infections

A new pandemic science hub is being created in the UK to develop treatments for lung infections such as Covid-19 and similar future pandemics. The hub at the University of Edinburgh will use translational genomics – following clues from the human genome to identify and rapidly test new treatments – along with experimental medicine methods … Read more

The Sweet Science Behind Maine’s Wild Blueberries

Paid Content Rachel Schattman has never encountered a crop quite like wild blueberries. “They’re perennial bi-annuals,” says the University of Maine agroecologist and former vegetable farmer. “They’re endemic to the environment. They’re genetically diverse – a single field might have hundreds of genotypes. They have a special nutritional profile. They have a rich history with … Read more

These Videos From a Space Probe Flying Past The Sun Are Truly Out of This World

A spacecraft looping around the Sun has made its first close approach – and filmed the encounter in glorious detail. The European Space Agency (ESA) Solar Orbiter entered the close encounter, known as perihelion, on 26 March, coming in at a distance of around 48 million kilometers (30 million miles), inside the orbit of Mercury. … Read more

Oceans Are Losing Their Memory

Using future projections from the latest generation of Earth System Models, a recent study published in Science Advances found that most of the world’s ocean is steadily losing its year-to-year memory under global warming. In contrast to the rapid weather changes in the atmosphere, the slowly fluctuating ocean exhibits high persistence or “memory,” meaning the … Read more

The 5 biggest dog training myths debunked by science

As the fields of animal behavior, ecology and veterinary sciences continue to evolve, traditional ideas we once had about how best to train dogs are beginning to wobble. Pulling on the expertise of a range of scientists, here are five of the biggest dog-training myths, busted… Dogs want to dominate you The idea that dogs … Read more

Combining the approaches may be a powerful anti-cancer strategy — ScienceDaily

Tumors send out signals that impair normal blood flow, which makes them difficult to treat with every type of cancer treatment, including radiation and chemo-, targeted and immunotherapy. Impaired blood supply creates an environment low in oxygen levels – hypoxia – that causes the tumors to take on aggressive characteristics and become immuno-suppressed. To address … Read more

Ancient Tooth From Young Girl Discovered in Cave Unlocks Mystery of Denisovans, a Sister Species of Modern Humans

A close-up of the tooth from a ‘birds-eye’ viewpoint. Credit: Fabrice Demeter (University of Copenhagen / CNRS Paris) Denisovans, a sister species of modern humans, inhabited Laos from 164,000 to 131,000 years ago with important implications for populations outside of Africa and Australia. What connects a finger bone and some fossil teeth discovered in a … Read more

Engineering Features: Salvador Balkus ’22: A data-driven mindset | College of Engineering

Salvador earned his BS in data science from UMass Dartmouth and will further his studies at Harvard University. Salvador Balkus was recently awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, becoming the third recipient in UMass Dartmouth’s history of awardees. The fellowship … Read more

AI Can Predict People’s Race From X-Ray Images, And Scientists Are Concerned

Deep learning models based on artificial intelligence can identify someone’s race just from their X-rays, new research has revealed – something that would be impossible for a human doctor looking at the same images. The findings raise some troubling questions about the role of AI in medical diagnosis, assessment, and treatment: could racial bias be … Read more

Governor’s May Revise Includes $67.5 Million for Cal State Fullerton’s Engineering and Computer Science Innovation Hub

Friday the 13th was a lucky day for Cal State Fullerton’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. That was the day it was announced that the governor’s May Revise includes $ 67.5 million from the state of California to be applied toward construction of the university’s Engineering and Computer Science … Read more